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Bondarchuk Family History

Bondarchuk Family History has an online Family Tree. Information for people alive is not accessible without logging into the website. You can register for a userid and password for full access to the site. If you download any documents or pictures, I ask that you do not post them on any other sites (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) without my advance permission. If you have any content (photos, documents, etc.), comments, corrections, or suggestions please email me at ed@ejab.us   

Family History Videos
This is a series of Bondarchuk Family History Videos which discuss the family of Ivan John Bondarchuk and Johaska Jenny Adamiak.

Family History Pictures
This is a collection of pictures of family members over the years. Click on the link above and then click on Login (upper right hand corner) using visitor for username and password.

Family History Audio Tape
Jim Bondarchuk taped an interview with his mother, Johaska "Jenny" Adamiak Bondarchuk in 1975 where she recounts her early life in Piorunka and the USA.

Operation Vistula Reenactment
"Operation Vistula" was a program to eliminate supporters of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army from the south-eastern territory of Poland. It is estimated that 141,000 people were forcibly relocated to the "Recovered Territories" in western Poland. Piorunka's Lemko people were a part of this group.

At 6AM on June 29, 1947, the Polish army circled the village of Piorunka on all roads and announced to the residents that they have 2 hours to leave the village.  Approximately 80 families were relocated leaving only one family behind. All of Johaska's relatives living in Piorunka were affected.

A film made in 2004 shows the reenactment of this relocation in a typical Lemko village. It is available here with English subtitles:

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